A beautiful woman, capable of bewitching charm and utterly unrivaled talents between the sheets, also capable of stealing your soul and bending you to her will
Last night I got struck by a Morgaine and I think she stole a piece of my soul with that booty of hers.
by Pen@guin November 16, 2017
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a great friend who doesnt know her true hair color. shes always there for you but refuses to admit her true ginger identity. morgaine is funny, easy to talk to and has your back no matter what. Shes a jew, but we dont blame her for that.
damn, that girl is morgaine
by byrdeepie579 June 27, 2009
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A dumb ass bitch that can be mistaken for a cunt
Damn, that girl is such a morgain
by calumsgirl716 October 18, 2015
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The hole of Morgain’s bong, where the bud is inserted. Crafted from the clay of the Nile by Khnum, forged in Hadesfire by Hephaestus, and blessed via reverse cowgirl by Bacchus and Apollo. Pantedly coveted by wizards of all stripes.
Aziraphael: “I want to lovingly rim Morgain’s bonghole.”
Crowley: “I want to stuff it till it overflows.”
Crowley: “Tagteam?”
Aziraphael: “Only if it’s consensual.”
Crowley: “No shit.”
by wholesome 69 December 9, 2021
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A beautiful person who always be there for you. She will always have your back! : The best person you can have as bestfriend.
Person1: WoW that beautiful girl Morgaine.. is that your bestfriend?
Person2: yes!
by Qwerrtyoodkrjrjeidj February 23, 2017
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