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A Moravec is a proud and noble person, like a new aged centaur with a mustache. They tend to be solo and independent by nature and seem to steer in whichever way they choose with little or no regards to the law, instruction, or others around them. You may find them scoping out local high schools in outdated football jackets keeping an eye out for new “opportunities”. Be careful when approaching such creatures as they may catch you off guard with flashy smiles and big muscles … but then pick you up in a green Malibu in pristine condition and make you smell his grubby mustache! Moravecs tend not to get flowers too often due to the fact that they disperse substantial amounts of poop on a daily basis! They also may volunteer to “watch” or take care of your pets while you are away then later to your surprise you find out he/she enjoyed your animals in ways that would get one arrested in most states.

Moravecs also enjoy hunting helpless animals, eating, long walks on the beach, making crop circles naked, grape drink, pushing little old ladies in the snow, and talking about the female genitalia as though it is a large black hole sucking anything and everything that comes within a 10ft radius into it.

Words of advice … you see a Moravec … RUN … run so hard till you cant run anymore and don’t look back until you crap your pants.
Hot high school chick “ ooooo whos that new stud with the big muscles and cute smile”
Hot high school chicks mom “OH GOD .. that’s a Moravec….. START THE CAR… START THE CAR..”
Hot high school chick “No… look at his jacket … and …wait .. .is that a Malibu?! Mom your right.. RUN till you crap your pants”
Hot high school chick while running “…… wait …mom, how did you know so quickly?!?!”

Long awkward pause .......
by A R .BOMB November 18, 2011
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