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1. (v.) The act of shanking in a (platonic) cow like manner, usually done to express extreme boredom between two people with a friendly bond.

2. (v.) A method of killing used between two specific tribes of bovine warriors which consists of an elongated horn of a deceased bull piercing through the left kidney of an adversary.
Ex 1: "Moo."


"I love you too."

Ex 2: As Mary MooCow approached the target, she shifted her feet and launched herself, ready to mooshank to the death.
by Mewsy! ^_^ November 20, 2006
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1.Human cow - someone who is acting like a cow (stupid, mean, idiotic)
Emma - Omg i can't belive your actully wearing that!
Hannah - Omg ... your a mooshank
by Pinky555 March 28, 2009
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