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The embodiment of the Alpha Male, conceived by super sperm and brought forth unto earth by a female of father's choice. Gifted with intelligence and athleticism, a Mooney normally rises to stardom early in life and serves as the leader of the pack. Family origin dates back to Donegal, a town in County Donegal, Ireland. Contrary to legend, a Mooney is not descended from any religious icon and is not a prophet.
Amy: "There is no such thing as the perfect guy. I'm sick of guys, and I just want someone who is smart, funny, and a thoroughbred racehorse in bed."

Jen: "Amy, we need to find you a Mooney."
by Michael O'Neill March 16, 2007
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1. a person who thinks they know everything; someone who always thinks they're right and annoys the shit out of everyone.

2. someone who exaggerates stories when telling them to someone else
1. - No, that's not how you do it. I've done this like a million times. You're doing it wrong.
- Quit being a mooney. Chill, son.

2. - ...And I was like, "whoa get off my girl," and he punched that other dude in the face.
-That never happened. You're a mooney. And a bitch.
by Arnold Lakeland December 27, 2006
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Bob: Dude have you seen that new Harry Potter movie?
Ugly: Yeah Snape kills Dumbledore.
Bob: WTF, dude. u just pulled a mooney
by dontkillme33 October 06, 2011
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Reuseable, highly portable and secure bucket style toilet. Great for a variety of outdoor uses including hunting, fishing, camping. The Mooney is used to secure and remove solid human waste and is particularly associated with uses involving white-water rafting and river kayaking.
On our river adventures through protected lands, it is often required to bring and use a Mooney to securely store and pack out our waste.
by Tucson Tortellini April 30, 2012
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a highly sexy person who is very attractive and can get any girl, someone whos very smart and nice and very funny too. also has a nicely sized penis.
I dream of being a mooney one day
by Reed sonrah December 25, 2017
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