a person who walks around aimlessly in the dark bringing light to those around them meaning they bring happiness to others in the person’s bad place in life
Guy 1: that girl is a moon child... she helped me through a dark point in my life.
Guy 2: i wish i had a moon child in my life rn
by moonlightbae9933 December 8, 2019
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something to say to a person when you never want them to change. Mostly a crazy person who is feeling down or is been bullied.
"Today Harper called me a weirdo." I said to my mom. She looked at me, her green eyes puzzled . She snuggled me and said "Stay wild moon child."
by SleekBaeLOL January 24, 2018
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moon child is a phrase you would call someone has super curly hair and is super obtuse and obese
"wow, hes such a moon child!"
by TheMagniClan May 17, 2022
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