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1) Casey McGehee, 2009 Milwaukee Brewers infielder.

2) A derogatory term.

3) A term to describe anything overly obvious in the course of a conversation.

4a) Plural: Moogises
4b) Plural: Moogi, if in the Southwest, due to a heavy presence of cacti
1) Fuckin' Moogis always strikes out!

2) You're such a Moogis!

3) Go get the Moogis.

4) You're just a bunch of Moogises!
by Kitty Pole August 09, 2009
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Highly forceful dominant matriarchal character , usually a woman.All that she commands must be obeyed at all times. Believes she has an overriding powerful god like status and others are to obey and to be controlled at will.Does not respond well to logic or reason .

You do not mess with a Moogi.

Sometimes an appetite for power and success like Moogi from Deep Space Nine - affiliating themselves to the wealthy and those with high status.

Wow is that a Moogi or a Moogi !
That Moogi is just so hot
That Moogi is just so hot
That Moogi is just so hot
That Moogi is just so hot
by Priss April 01, 2006
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