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The most storied hockey team and quite possibly sports team in history. Almost every great NHL player has played for the Montreal Canadiens. With 24 Stanley Cups, the most successfull NHL team ever. The greatest hockey team to ever exist, far better than those sucky ass Maple Leafs
Man, the Montreal Canadiens sure kicked the crap out of the Leafs last night.
by Igor Arsovski March 13, 2005
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The Montreal Canadiens have by far the most interesting and most glorious history of any NHL team. While they have failed to live up to their legacy recently(mostly thanks to poor forwards who don't score enough and less than solid goaltending from propecia guy), you just can't argue against a team that has won 24 Stanley Cups and that has a rich history of great players like Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur ,etc .... etc.... The Canadiens also happen to have the best fans in the league. The Leafs may have more fans but the Habs have the better fans. Bell Centre's always full. Most of the fans don't act like total morons and most importantly, they're respectful of other teams (except Leafs but they suck)
The Montreal Canadiens swept their most recent two-game series against the Leafs and also outscored them 11-3 when combining both games. Some Leafs fans were seen crying when they left the Bell Centre wondering how the almighty Leafs could lose agains t a team that has good coaching and a real goaltender like Huet. Leafs fans really need to convert. Also to them I say, the Habs may not have won the cup since 1993 but that's still way better than 1967.
by Dr.Cain April 13, 2006
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The team in the NHL with the greatest backing from the LGBT community. Mostly thanks to Montreal having one of the largest homosexual/transvestite communities in North America.
Montreal is by far the most hated team outside of Queerbec, because of their affiliation with French-Canadien culture.
AKA the Habs as in "Hab out some butt sex?"
#1: I heard the Montreal Canadiens are playing tonight.
#2: I'll see you at the gay bar to party then.
by minkmcfeeget September 17, 2009
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