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A high school in Montclair, New Jersey. Probably the most unique high school in the country. In this high school, because of the extreme mix of races and social classes, the proximity to Newark, East orange, orange, paterson, and New York, the money provided by the upper class whites, the open campus and non caring security guards, weed is a common bonding practice. Everybody in the 2200 person high school smokes weed, and if you dont everyone knows who you are. Everyone smoked an average of 4 times a day, 2 of those times occuring during school hours. The black people and the white people all bond over big butts and blunts. The atmosphere is that not even close to what you would see anywhere else. The brainiac nerds also happen to be stoned out of their minds 90% of the time. The culture is all aroud weed and the responsibility to do well at the school is all on the student. They can do whatever they want, light up an L on midland ave entrance to school, smoke in a class room, anything. The school is LOOSE. The people are crazy, that shit is intense. The music is primarily rap that they listen to and the students are exposed to EVERYTHING. All of the students use words that end up coming out in rap songs 5 years later. You can't understand these students when they speak, they have their own language. everyone onds over one thing in this 1/2 GHETTO 1/2 PREPPY 1/2 ARTSY 1/2 CRAZY TOWN.... bally.
yo i visited Montclair High School the other day. that shit was loose, i sparked an L right next to the raping security guard then had an orgy with every race.
by nemodkdkld May 20, 2008
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