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Either a mother in-law or father in-law who is meddlesome and purposefully lives to aggravate his son's wife or daughter's husband.
Rude, and oblivious humans who speak before they think about what they are about to say. They are ciritical of the cooking made by their son's wife, or critical of the income earned by their daughter's husband.

If there are step children involved, they usually remain friends with their children's exes, and spoil the step kids to the point that the little bastards become spoiled brats who are rude to the new step parent and destroy their property.

The worst undeserved punishment life has for innocent people with good intentions.
HUSBAND: My mother has offered to buy my ex a house for my (spoiled) daughter, because she is being picked on (imagined) by her cousins while she lives at her aunts house.
NEW WIFE:(after being nice to mother in law) Wait, you guys are not even together anymore, wtf?
HUSBAND: She is concerned about her grand daughter.
NEW WIFE: Was she concerned when your ex was cheating on you and got pregnant by the other guy? I HATE MY Monster In-law.
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A clingy and possessive mother or father in law who tries to interfere with son/daughters relationship. They will take any measure, most common is manipulation, to turn their son or daughter against their own partner. Monster in laws say things behind your back, will blame every problem on you, will purposely try to get your angry and will try to make you feel uncomfortable. Their behaviour is usually triggered when they feel like they're losing their "baby" and will do anything to prevent them from leaving home or moving in with somebody else.
Mother (monster in law): Let's buy a car together! Lets save up, both you and I. I'll sell my ___ for it that way we will both have a car we can use together. We should redecorate your room too. Does that sound good Sweety? That would be so good for us.

*looking straight into her sons eyes with her hand on his hand, and his girlfriend sitting across from them by the table
by ExperiencedVictim August 12, 2013
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ugly fat bitch to lazy to get out of her own way
my mother inlaw is so fukn fat and useless she uses powder instead of a towel to dry herself
by Mark July 31, 2004
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One of the worst movies ever. Rich white people complaining for two and a half hours. Lead charictors have never known problems thus they must bitch about the dumbest shit ever. Fuck this movie, fuck its cast, director, and anyone involved. the fact that i could have payed hard earned money to see this makes me inflamed. the fact that i was forced to watch it makes me more pissed. Fuck monster in law.
" i need a vacation, ive always wanted ot vacation to africa."- monster in law
" i cant deal with this anymore"- monster in law
by Quellio November 23, 2006
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