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A "dance" that amounts to little more than standing in one place, making erratic movements meant to be suggestive, which instead make you look like you are coming in your pants.

If a monkey were convinced to dance, but not taught how to, his movements would be similar to a person performing the monkey shuffle.
Shelly: Is he trying to impress us?
Candy: It looks like he's having sex with an invisible, vertical couch.
Shelly: Can the monkey shuffle really be that physically demanding that he should be sweating?
Candy: I'm expecting my dad to show up and join in.
Shelly: We should stop. I'm beginning to think he's actually... you know, mentally challenged.
Candy: Is that... Drool? Why won't he stop looking at us?
Shelly: Oh my god, Candy, we need to get out of here right now!
Candy: Let me get my purse!
by The Great Pumpkin February 10, 2009
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