(noun) A pile of people or animals, usually with one individual on the bottom of said pile.
(verb) To pile on; the act of creating a monkey pile, often used in the intransitive imperative form.
Wow, that huge monkey pile on Newt Gingrich must be crushing him!

Monkey pile on Newt!
by Beer Titan February 1, 2013
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an excited way to like a Barrel Full of Monkeys, a big jumbled pile of hard parts all akimbo, like dungeons and dragons lead figures or nails made of gold. A stack of paintings un-straitened or skewey.
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This phrase is used in place of a vulgarity, cursing, or other wordage that is not proper for use in certain areas and situations.
"Did I drop that hammer on your foot?"

"Yes you did you Sum Bitch Pile Monkey Nuts!"


"Yo man I was bangin the hell out of your sister last night!"

"Isn't that a sum bitch pile monkey nuts!"
by Milton and Alex March 7, 2008
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