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1. Mom who is at home on her iPad googling the term "YOLO" on an unreputable website, as if said website provides insight into the term.

2. Mom who does not yet realize that this website is complete trash and can be edited at anytime, mostly by extremely unintelligent people who happen to probably be the actual users of the term "YOLO" in real life.

3. Mom who doesn't yet realize that everyone (who matters/has a brain) discounts this website as a huge joke for extremely bored people or those who are "trolling" - see also - trolling (v.)
1. Wow, that e-mail seemed a lot like Momstigating! I really need to go work on my project and meet up with a few people to follow up on important matters!

2. "Lol did you see the definition of being a momstigator, mom?"

"Yes, now that I have, I realize this website is useless, LOL, SMH, ROFL"

3. "Hey Johnny, do you use to clue yourself in on popular terms?"

"Haha are you kidding me? Yes, I do that every day, it is the most accurate explanation for common terms among me and my peeps"
*group explodes in laughter*
by McNobody McUnreputable de'Wow November 09, 2012
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