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A sexual act in which a couple first engages in anal sex, once finished the man defecates into the woman's anus, and then the woman then re-defecates the males feces back onto his chest.
Oh man Janie that momma bird you gave me last night was absolutely fantastic.
by EnviroCommie January 23, 2009
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A Momma Bird put simply is when a female, (or in some circumstances a gay male) performs oral sex on the male partner until he reaches orgasm, saving the ejaculation excretion in a cavity of the mouth. Then after several passing moments kisses the unaware male partner and ever so gracefully injects the excretion into his mouth.
Before Jill broke up with Austin, she bid him farewell with one last meal, and gave him a Momma Bird. That shit was dope.
by LuckyWebster January 16, 2014
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The act of throwing up in a person's mouth while making out.
I really didn't like the guy, but after drinking nearly a whole bottle of vodka I started making out with him for some reason. The joke was on him though, I totally surprised him with a momma bird...
by DotCommie January 03, 2010
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