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Derived from the word "mom" or "momma", it is used in reference to people who have a "Momma knows best" attitude in reference to people of differing cultures; social classes; beliefs; religions; ethics; sexualities; etc... Momites often try to either impose their way of life on others or condemn someone else's way of life.

Though they are often self-described as "open minded"; "liberal thinking" (though not necessarily Liberal in politics); and "free thinkers", they can at times be racist; bigoted; and lacking in an educated understanding of, and the reasons for, the wide range of cultural and social fields that exist in today's world.
Although Greg's hunting and farming has fed his family for generations, he is criticized by the momites from PETA who say that he needs to change his ways.
by Super Gerbil August 30, 2007
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