An older woman that you are sexually intimate with and also cares for you like a mother would.
Momala's will suck you off, tucks you in,and read you a bed time story before bed every night.
by Marblerose January 01, 2021
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Mamala is Kamala's Mamala. The first mention of the word, Mamala, was in 2006 published in the SF Chronicle newspaper and referred to the Vice Presidents mother Shymala Harris.

Today the meaning of the word has two meanings, as a noun; mamala (momala) - an endearing nickname, a person gives to a special or memorable mother-figure, who provided kindness, wisdom and attention during of time in their youth - and as a pronoun Mamala (Momela), Shymala Harris, who embodied those traits and the inspiration of the word and it's meaning.

A wise, kind, and attentive mother figure, one who compliments or augments the care of a mother.

A spiritual ideal, presence, and omnipresent mythical deity that can be resourced and called on for advice and wisdom through prayer.

NOTE: The word Momala, Mamala, or Momela, first appeared in 2006 published by SF Chronicle columnist, Leah Garchik's daily column. Garchik quoted tv host and board member of the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, Tim Gaskin's introduction of Kamala Harris' mother, Shymala Harris.

Gaskin called the Vice Presidents mother up to the stage this way, "Please welcome to the stage... Kamala's - Mamala." Pausing, and then declared, "Shymala Harris".
I'd rather Momala babysit this weekend, she hasn't spent enough time with the kids.
by jocklondon January 22, 2021
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Sort of like “big brother” but gets less critique because of its gender.
Yo dude! You still make bank building pipe lines?

Nah man, Momala wouldn’t allow it. Too much “mother may I” in business these days. I do make 15 an hour at Starbucks now though.
by BIGJAKE111 February 02, 2021
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