The shrivelled man from The Simpsons who loves someone named Keith.
Person 1: You're gay for moleman!

Person 2: No, you're gay for moleman!
by rr76 October 12, 2011
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A retired pedophilliac manwhore who resumes his position on the couch with a bottle of beer and a packet or two of fat - drenching instant meals at sunrise and will usually stay there until sunset.

This individual is the embodiment of everything that can go wrong with being a male. Optional: Moobs/man boobs, unsightly hair - protruding moles (to fit his name) and the adorning of unwashed underpants.

Alternative: Molewoman.
Person A: "Hey! Have you heard from Michael?"
Person B: "Oh yeah, you mean the Moleman. I don't think anyone has seen his face in 5 months."
Person A: "Oh thank goodness, I hope he can stay in his hermit shell for eternity. That way - less young girls will be preyed on."
by deathmetallovr July 19, 2011
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someone who eats as much shit as they chat
oh darrennnn you’re an absolute moleman my g
by mygdarren June 14, 2019
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Moleman, AKA Dipesh Khandu is an utter idiot and complete moron. It is rumoured that he has an octopussy and likes to rape old men.
Yuk moleman, you have scaly skin.
Moleman, you're a fag.
by viraL April 21, 2005
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a pathetic loser.
some claim that molemen live in the sewers, eat poop and get constantly cheated on them by their overwieght lovers. This description may contain a certain amount of hyperbole.
Importantly, they pass out and get drawn/painted/peed on

see booth
friend 1:"did you see see jeff last night?"
friend 2:"yeah, he passed out and got cocks drawn on his face"
friend 1: "he's such a MOLEMAN
by james November 15, 2003
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a man who sits at home all day
"dude you wanna hangout and stop being such a moleman.
by Boyd6890 January 18, 2009
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a person who spends their days next to the computer all day long. Moles usually spend their time cooped up in their little holes and so this relates to how the "moleman" people are on the computer for the whole day.

you can also use this expression for a woman.. molewoman
Bob: Hey Sharyll what did you do last weekend
Sharyll: Nothing really just stayed in my room and browsed the internet.
Bob: what a molewoman.
by eva January 22, 2005
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