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A town in Oregon located approx. 20-30 mins outside Portland, Oregon. Nothing spectacular happens here. There is the Buckeroo Rodeo once a year thats about it. The high school has a recently appointed principle who runs the school like a dictator and uses fear and threats to get students to tell on each other. There are also quite a few rednecks in Molalla.

The town is named after the local Native American Tribe. The football team is called the Indians, in fact every sports team out of Molalla is called the Indians.
Molalla, Oregon home to few people and many cattle.
Principle: Tell me who did it.
Student: I'm not telling you anything.
Principle: Tell me now or I will expel you.
and so the kid rats out his friends.
by Freedom1 December 07, 2006
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Molalla Oregon is a town in Oregon with lots of rednecks, pickup trucks, cows and not much else. It is the home of the Buckaroo, for those of you who like rodeo. I agree with the first definition given, except for the part about the principal of the school. (by the way, it's spelled with an al at the end, not le.) I work at the high school, (I'm not the principal) and really don't know where that accusation came from.
Dude, I was expelled from Molalla High for not ratting on my friends.
Bullshit, you were expelled for selling drugs out of your locker.
by Lone Liberal February 12, 2012
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n. A city in Oregon, U.S.A., it is a small country town north of Oregon City
Jeff: Dude I'm going to Molalla tomorrow!
James: Dude, why? you're not going to find much onion ass in Molalla.
by PersianDeity March 07, 2008
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