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Slang term for Icelander, especially a rural one--popular term among US military personnel stationed in Iceland during WWII. Origin unknown.
That Mojack insisted vehemently that his cow was sick because of being sexually assaulted by our soldiers, but after our camp veterinarian diagnosed and treated her for a common bovine ailment, she made a full recovery; then the Mojack gave us some cheese to make amends.
by hyjyljyj October 11, 2007
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Its a combination of using the words "Mojado" and "Wetback" a term for an illegal mexican immigrant to the United States.
Border patrol was chasing a group of mojacks across the desert.
by Daniel Castro October 17, 2006
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n. A term used for someone who is being an extremely whiny poopyhead.
v. Rude, shitty, low; messed up.
1. (n.) "Dude, stop being such a mojack."

2. (v.) Tim: "I heard what Cindy did to you last week...that is so mojack."
Suzie: "Yeah. UNBELIEVABLY mojack."
by sammyj poophat March 10, 2008
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