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the unusual combination of having sexual intercourse and physically biting deeply into one's partner.

This bizzare and unusual act actually has its origins in the practices of the "prophet" Muhammad, who (legend has it) would viciously "pork" male pigs from behind, while at the same time biting a chunk of pork out of their backs. In this way the marauder Mohammad sated his uncontrollable sexual and blood lusts. The legend of this practice spread like wildfire along with the man's religion.

Modern Mohammading has become much more of a taboo sexual act, and is only done in absolute secrecy, or on Muslim-owned Fetish pornography websites.
I took that fat girl home from the club - it was fun, but Mohammading her was like chewing the fat off a steak.
by Ismail ibn Rahim April 06, 2008
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