Comes Hybred as standard. (see metrosexual)
Goes longer between bathroom breaks.
Person 1: He's a modern man.
Person 2: I thought he was quiet.
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
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A concept focusing on the idea that modern men are different to men of previous "ages". For example more care is taken with appearance and activities. Rugby lad culture is rejected. Links to metrosexual.
Wayne, Yo and Nic are modern day mans, however Jack is still a rugby lad.
by Nic123456 June 3, 2007
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An old person who behaves as a young person in everything.
That modern minded old man gets along well with that young crew.
by pimpoyo December 2, 2017
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A podcast about Modern Day Men, helping men overcome mental health issues, and more.

Rated 17th on Feedspot's Best 100 Men's Podcasts
Modern Day Man has helped me with my overthinking
Modern Day Man is a good podcast
by Swanaroo March 17, 2022
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