someone who poses like a famous celebrity but isnt really..and is really a homo
Moaaz was acting like a vampire and made his getup that way but made a fool out of himself and was called gay
by Badshah123 November 22, 2011
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An arrogant asshole who binge watches Khan academy on the weekends
Whoโ€™s that guy?

Ew itโ€™s Moaaz.
by Lelelelele December 15, 2017
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
Moaaz is the best type of guy, he is famous he is loved by everyone and makes girls go crazy. He sticks for his beliefs and never lets anyone wrong him. He is a fighter with great passion. And go follow him on Instagram @moaazahmed__
Moaaz is so popular and famous
by habibisteam June 04, 2018
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