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Herid is typically a fat person who can barely lift up there legs, pink cheeks.
Is that a kirby or herid?
by Tupu123 February 07, 2017

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Mo Bamba is the name of a NBA player accociated with Savate Dul, his #1 Fan.
“Hey is that mo bamba? No thats savates boyfriend.”
by Tupu123 July 16, 2018

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The cartoon version of rogelio plays apart in the nickelodeon series of “Jimmy Neutron” known for his hot dog head and skinny legs
“Aye is that sheen at walmart ratting out his friends no thats just rogelio”

“Sheen i will call your parents, no no please dont call my parents i didnt do it it was them”
by Tupu123 October 16, 2018

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