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Mnea can be used anywhere in a sentence to imply overall coolness. It is used somewhat like yo, where you can throw it in a sentence and it automaticly is cool, but "Mnea" implies a much greater level of coolness than "yo". Only the Elite can use "Mnea". If you are not respected you will be destroyed for using this word. Mnea is even cooler than the most elite people. Only MneaMasters can harness the energy of Mnea. MneaAdmins also can use a small amount of its energy.
Jimmik: Mnea!
Keyes: Was it really that Mnea? Mnea!

Wizzel: Mnea!!!
Keyes and Jimmik: Go Fuck your mom!

Xunal: That Applesauce was so Mnea...
Xunas: Yum!!! Mnea!
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Invented by Jimmik, a word that can be used to spice up a sentence, indicate remorse, regret, anger, happiness, joy, excitement, basically anything. The punctucation after the word often helps determine what it means. Mnea!
Mnea! I sure am excited!
Mnea...I need to go to sleep
Mneaaa...I wish my girlfriend didn't slap me today..

CaptainKeyes: Mnea!
Jimmik: Mnea, Indeed!111

Orante: Jimmik you suck nipps
Jimmik: Mnea you know it ;)
by Jimmik June 22, 2004
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mnea can be used for anything, it was invented by JMC A.K.A. Jimmik and is now used by many people..
1. Hey what do u think ur doing?

2. Jimmik, r u on drugs?
by some dude March 21, 2004
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n. The root of several popular words used today. MneAdmin is a good example.
Who mneaking cares?

I do, mneafucka!

Oh yeah? Think you're so mneugh?

Yeah, I do. Bring it, mneitch!
by dpraedan March 22, 2004
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