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You your friend is acting kinda gay but he's straight you can hit him up with a mmwtgs or (miss me with that gay shit) and give him an elbow toutch and the gayness is removed.
Person 1 "Oh shoot dude you toutched me."
Person 2 " my b"
Person 1 " mmwtgs"
(Elbow toutch is give to remove gayness.
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mmwtgs - used as a way to say "Miss me with that gay shit" without being censored or swearing. "Miss me with that gay shit" is a meme. It is not said in real life, it is just an online abbreviation.
Jacob Sartorious- "Hey you wanna make a with me?"
Responder- "Miss me with that gay shit" (mmwtgs)
by UnknownWithBlueEyes January 02, 2018
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*person of same sex*: Cutie got a nice bootyđŸ˜©
Them: huh?
You: m.m.w.t.g.s
by El ritardo July 31, 2018
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