A terrible place filled with pawns/hicks and easily influenced girls who worship the cast of Laguna Beach. Every guy and girl in my highschool wears Hollister clothes that name places in southern California that they've never been to before. They think that Orange County is just like what MTV depicts them as. Most of the people here were born in Missouri, grew up in Missouri, and will probably stay in Missouri for the rest of there lives.

So, this is for every stupid hick and redneck that is reading this right now: Take of your California shirt, turn off MTV, and come to the realization that you are a stupid redneck who is from the Midwest. You are living a lie that's based on a lie. California is not what you think, even though it is the most beautiful and most fun place in the world. Laguna Beach is not the real Orange County. I was born and raised in Orange County, in Huntington Beach, but I had to move away for a semester. Now I know what a terrible place the Midwest is.

Southern California is the only place in the world that's worth living in. If you don't live here, you might as well be dead. I can't wait to get the hell out of this dumbass place called Missouri and move back to the Orange County that these idiots have never seen before.
by Ian Trautner November 26, 2005
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Missouri is an interesting state. Basically the lower half is full of rednecks who belong to the south, and the north is full of completely civilized intelligent people. St. Louis being the most intelligent city. Here we have smart people. good food, good attractions, and fun times all around. The weather kind of sucks, but we all love it anyway. The stereotypes about the north are really kind of funny really, because they just depict us all as inbred, redneck, dumbasses.
Guy 1: Hey have you ever gone to Missouri?
Guy 2: No, isn't it full of rednecks?
Guy 1: Nope, only the south.
by stlouisdweller July 19, 2011
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You are the second worst state in America, the worst being Illinois. (Illinois is the HIV on the Midwest. Missouri is the gonorrhea on the same region. Contrary to the movie "Annapolis," Arkansas and Mississippi are NOT the second worst, and worst, respectively, states in the US.) Missouri is the present-day home of that conservanazi bitch/twat/cunt/whore Phyllis Schlafly who fought against the Equal Rights Amendment, although from 03/22/1972 to 06/30/1982, when the ERA was alive, she was an Illinois resident.

Missouri did not ratify the ERA, along with fourteen other states, but that has not stopped these unhygienic Missourian scumbags from openly teaching in their subprime public educational system that the 14th Amendment covers biological sex, which it DOES NOT cover. You cannot have it both ways, hoMOs.
Missouri is home to an arch, called the Diaphragm, I mean, Properly Fitted Condom, I mean, Gateway Arch. I guess it represents Missouri as a gateway to an STD-ravaged Missourian bitch who uses a diaphragm to protect her reproductive tract despite being a typical dirty Missourian, or as a gateway to an STD-ravaged Missouri hoMO's rectum which you would want to use a condom to penetrate, if at all.
I think we should now reject out-of-state applications to higher education from graduates of Missouri high schools. They cannot teach civics for shit, so what else are these hoMOs screwing up?
by All missouri males are hoMOs August 10, 2010
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Missouri, known as the show me state (if anything because the majority of the population can't read and has to be shown with detailed pictures to achieve any type of understanding). Often times mistaken for "Misery"
Surrounded by the beautiful Ozark mountains, it's a very picturesque area, until one of their hand sized beatles lands on your face, or you look and realize that all the trees are covered in webs made my catepillars that just happen to eat trees. And of course don't forget the various species of tics, chiggers and various other body infesting pests that run rampant through out the state.
It's probably one of the most beautiful places to get bit by someone unknown species of spider.
"Hey I'm going to missouri!"
"Why would you want to go to Misery...?"
by yaaaaaaaaaaay March 03, 2009
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A mid-western state in the United States of America. Often mis-pronounced, Missouri (Mizzuri)/(Mizzura)
In all rights, used properly should say "Kansas City is in a state of Misery/Missouri"
by Gladstoner420 June 19, 2011
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Missourah if you're a local! Home of the the Gateway to the West. Northern Missourah is very Midwestern while Southern Missourah is very Southern.
Missouri is known as the Show Me State.
by Eastermister September 06, 2016
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