When something good (an opportunity) is missed, most likely due to the persons rather apparent noobness.
Zie: I had a penis, she had a vagina, bloody missed opportunity.

Ebo: She had an orifice that would've fit perfectly around my penis, yet I only realised it after she dumped me.
Mike: Wow... missed opportunity buddy, maybe next time you'll notice that your girlfriends nostrils are perfect for your meat faster.

Nikki: "I entered a definition for 'missed opportunity' on Urban Dictionary, and all i could think of was definitions relating to sex. I had all these good ideas later on but, if only I had waited, damn irony."
Tanly: "That's isn't irony, foo."
by babyzierad December 13, 2009
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When you tell your future cousin in law she could make money by painting reproductive organs and she doesn't start painting them
Katie, all the gays wanna see your artwork of their dongs, it's a missed opportunity
by mrphil January 13, 2021
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the annoying pair of words uttered when YT commenters think they can write a clever joke or funnier punchline, bordering on giving critique or "advice" when not asked for. this is seemingly all they took away from the video they watched, and they appear to be otherwise ungrateful to the creator's hard work and talent that is met by a snide comment in return.
YT Video: "My pigs escaped from my farm, and I don't know how but I'm real worried about them."
Commenter: "Missed opportunity to say 'who let the hogs out'"
by aaw1 April 15, 2022
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