Miss J. Alexander, Runway Diva Coach Extraordinaire™, is one of the judges, and the runway coach on Americas Next Top Model.
Miss J. started as a model, hitting the catwalks of Paris (JPG), Tokyo and all over the world in his teens. Models would ask him before shows about their struts and he gave them pointers on their runway struts and things of that nature, and ever since then he became well regarded in the fashion community for his skills at breaking in the models into fierce divas with fabulously ridiculous ferocious struts.
Most of the household name supermodels you know prob. perfected their struts from Miss J's teachings.
Miss J. Tells it like it is all the time on the show, and when she talks, bitches better listen! Always keeping Realness.
Miss J. is the reason I watch top model, bitch brings the fierceness.
by I <3 Ms. J. June 19, 2009
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The biggest fag in the world. He is a run way model that stars on the show AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. He dresses like a female 90% of the time.
Miss J is a runway model and coach.
by Double DP February 3, 2009
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