A wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.
Person 1: The United States is wonderful isn't it?Democracy at its finest.
Person 2: That's a Misnomer,The United States is a Republic.If it were a Democracy then Al Gore would have won the 2000 Presidential Election as he had the majority of popular votes.
by Call me Mike April 24, 2013
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1.) A word that has a very decieving name.
2.) Any name defined on the Urban Dictionary
1.) I walked across turtle street expecting turtles, and I saw a bunch of tortoises. #totalmisnomer #toomanyhashtags
2.) Jeff: I looked up my name on the Urban dictionary. I'm a god now.

All sane human beings: Oh, it's a misnomer.
by PrepKeNile October 27, 2014
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a teacher used as an excuse to skip class
La'Tron why were you absent from class yesterday?", "man, i was up in misnomer class
by dirtydiapaz February 23, 2011
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(noun) Plural "misnomers."
1. Words that are deceiving in their etymology or name.
2. A person who writes definitions for common names on Urban Dictionary like their Kevin/David/Nazeem is the only one in the entire universe.
(Example of 1.) Despite being called "lead," pencil lead has no actual lead makeup, and is instead a mix of mostly graphite and clay. The phrase originates from a misunderstanding where graphite ore was mistaken for lead ore. (Being exposed to that much actual lead for your entire school life could kill you.)

(Example of 2.) *zooms in with binoculars* *begins wildlife documentary* The misnomers are hard at work right now, creating several definitions for the only John they know, even though there could be over a million Johns on Earth.
by OneBlueGlove May 13, 2020
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Examples of a Misnomer:
Government Efficiency
by A4775 December 14, 2020
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An inappropriate and/or inaccurate designation. When aforementioned designation is made.
A dirty hobo? No, a hobo rides the rails. You misnomered me!
by bookofevans January 23, 2022
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