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A nice girl who everyone wants to know. Everyone knows her name already but wants to know her better. She never wants to hurt anyone. A good and loyal friend. Someone you can trust with everything. Always laughs and smiles. Can make your day a lot brighter. Doesn't drink at parties, but is the life of the party itself. Smart and intelligent. Knows what she wants. Extremely funny.
"Wow, one day I wanna be like Mirna"
"I want my children to be like Mirna"
by GabbySsss95 December 31, 2012
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A very cool person , who is sweet and outgoing, but also odd and interesting. SHE is beautiful, but doesn't notice it, and has bad taste in guys and friends. She should focus more on school.
by mirages January 11, 2009
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a girl who cant be trusted. She will fool u into liking her and when you get to see her evil side, you won't come out alive. She tends to get a lot of boys but only because they don't know her inside. She is a true devil on earth. Cant be trusted as a friend. She tends to keep on losing friends . Will talk about u behind your back. Will do anything to get the boys. Way more than your typical mean girl. Always starts war.
omg , just saw a mirna. Dont get too close, you dont wanna start war.
by mimi unicorn December 18, 2016
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a girl, usually a virgin who likes giving head to all the guys from her high school class. Also, after coming to college she tends to steal other people's boyfriends. She is plump and likes hanging out with gay people
-My boyfriend met this nice girl in lit class.
-OMG, you don't mean HER?? She is such a Mirna!
by thinktwice April 15, 2010
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Guy 1: I need to throw out the garbage.
Guy 2: Just use a Mirna!
Guy 1: Oh yeah! I totally forgot we had those Mirnas.
Trash = Mirna
by Mirna Posts June 09, 2018
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Also can be spelled- Murnah, Mirnah, Mahurnahh, Lee, or Wacht.
Given to Mary, friend of the Monislav's father as nicname.
Mirna, was known in highschool bac in dee dai as teeh real ugli chick, you be like omfgazors! she so fkcivuifdin ugli! But CAUTION!!!!!!!! This Mirna....she not ugly. oeeeewwwww my ahhhhhhhhrm.
"mnmmmmmm. I could really go for some Mirnburry or some Mike Waltermelon."
"STFU Mirna."
by Mary and Monislav. February 24, 2008
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