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1. A female name similar to Miranda, but don't you dare call her that!

2. A brand of soda pop made by Pepsi and sold throughout the world except for most of the United States.
"Don't call Mirinda Miranda or she'll get really pissed off."

"Mirinda is so tasty and refreshing!"
by monoshka February 03, 2010
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Mirinda, also known as Lucian Mirin, is one of the funniest guys to walk the earth. He sometimes gets cranky and his temper gets the best of him but all in all, he's a wonderful Mirinda and anyone should be happy to have him in his/her life. The world would be sad without the Mirindas and we'd all live a dull existence
"Check out this guy, he's a total Mirinda"
by The Stress Appliant January 10, 2012
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Pronounced Mir-in-duh...not to be confused with Miranda as in read me my Miranda rights.

Women by the name of Mirinda are very driven, intelligent, fun to be around, honest, passionate and sincere. One of the most amazing people in the world, you won't want to let this one go. Take care of this woman and she will take care of you.
Man- "Hey, what's up Miranda"

Mirinda- *rolls eyes* "learn my name you loser!"

MIR-IN-DUH.....get it right
by Sexymomma83 June 20, 2012
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