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Minsc is a real sweet Ranger in the game Baldurs gate(II).Before you met him he took a serious blow to the head, hence his cool and sometimes weird behaviour.

Try to put jan and Minsc in your party. At one time Jan will try to catch Boo. I nearly pissed my pants from laughing!
by Sarevok November 18, 2004
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The 0wn-ass barbarian from the Baldur's Gate series of computer games. One of the funniest, most memorable computer game characters in recent memory. In Baldur's Gate 2 he favors dual-maces or a two-handed sword. An ass-kicker to be sure. Berserker rage 0wns ya ass.
Minsc: A den of stiiiinking evil! Cover your nose, Boo...we will leave no crevice untouched!
by r00fles April 24, 2003
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