The act applying to most Minnesotants while visiting others in which, when one person has to leave, they proceed to talk for another hour, then the departing party is walked to the front door, where they talk for another hour, then the departing party gets walked to their car while the host family talks to them through the car window for an hour, and finally the departing couple SLOWLY departs down the drive, yelling back & forth with the host family.
The couple from Texas was extremely irritated by the Minnesota Goodbye they received while visiting their distant relatives.
by Jordan has Skills July 30, 2006
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its when you poo on your homies doorstep when leaving
I gave the Minnesota Goodbye to my friend Nolan
by SpeakerOfFaxington December 17, 2021
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The Minnesota goodbye is the process Minnesotans go through when saying goodbye at a get together or party. The process is rarely short – normally it lasts between 10 and 30 minutes and involves commonplace conversations, often an extension of what folks were talking about earlier at the get-together.
The Minnesota goodbye kept them out standing in the cold until they had minor frostbite.
by DerekDansen February 7, 2022
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When a man finishes inside of his partner, and leaves his "member" inside for an awkwardly long time; then makes polite conversation for far too long before pulling out.
Sven gave Lena the ol "Minnesota goodbye", as it's the only polite way to chat post coitus.
by AwkwardRubbing December 16, 2021
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