A place that used to actually get cold and snowy 15 years ago. A place that lives off of memories of its hardy past but now shares much of its culture with the other square states. Walk into any shields sporting goods store today and it is a small arms stockpile. Not good... glad to have lived there during the golden years. Young men pretending to be the main charicter on thier war video game. Young redneck women with camo hats and fake boobs. Glad you all hate Califonia... Never come here!
Minnesota: I've been to Chicago... sure, I'll just have a beer...

Oh shit another DUI!
by F U ALL September 23, 2013
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Minnesota is a state with judge mental people, rude people, stupid people, ugly women, people like to Harass in this state, very crappy state with Awful public schools.
by Mad dude November 12, 2020
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Land of 10,000 lakes. Wisconsin claims that too, shut the fuck up your ‘lakes’, are just ponds.
Mall of America!! Biggest mall in America , we even have an amusement park inside. We don’t have sales tax!
Party city. Every college in Minnesota always has that one kid who’s parents funds his alcohol addiction. That’s why parties are lit.
Close to Canada. Just Incase trump gets elected again, it’s only a 6 hour road trip to new civilization!
Duluth. Ever been to Bentleyville around Christmas time? Well you should go. Amazing light show.
Best student sections known to man kind. (only the suburbs south of St. Paul, but we don’t mention it)
Road construction never ends. Ever been on 494? I’ll bet you my will that there’s never road construction on that damn interstate.

Best Buy headquarters! My dad works there, the most amazing place to work. For real.
Target. I work at target, so I know all of the secrets. Just kidding there’s not really any. But the best grocery store/place to shop by far.

Lake Minnetonka. It was fun until everyone got deathly ill from that lake this summer, and had diarrhea. Other than that, it’s a Great Lake.
Last but not least, everyone is overall nice. Goodbyes take forever. Everyone is your friend until one of you declares it is not a friendship. People care about you. At 4 way stops, everyone is having a seizure trying to let the person who stopped before them go. We actually drive awesome. Most importantly, we are mostly democrat! #fucktrump
I went to visit family in Minnesota, I could really see myself living there.
by coodiesquad October 12, 2019
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The 4th coldest state in the United States. They brag about being the coldest but aren’t even in the top 3.
Person 1: Hey I hear he’s from Minnesota!

Person 2: That hot ass desert? NO WAY!!!!!!
by TheBesy878 September 16, 2020
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