a small round frozen brick you put into the microwave and then eat, putting you in an alternate reality where everyone loves you. It also gives you enough energy to ignore your responsibilities for the rest of the day.
"Dude, why are you wearing the same clothes as yesterday?"

"Man, I ate a mini cheese pizza"

by Shannon Simonsen June 26, 2008
A food that freaking sad pathetic alone people eat while watching Seinfeld
"I guess I'll just stay home and eat a mini pizza because nobody wants to hangout with me."
by UltimateDaddy11 January 25, 2020
That store pizza. It is really good, actually! Perfect for a fast snack due to it's small size.
Jack: Hey, tom. Did you hear about mini-pizzas?
Tom: Yeah. They're nice, actually.
by A non-fortnite fan. January 8, 2020