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A super-sexy girl who is FIIIIINE. She has a love of animals, she has a charming laugh, she can party all night, and this girl can burn them marshmallows. Minhals are typically of Pakistani or Persian origin, mostly from the Middle East and also Pakistan. Minhals are supercute and extremely photogenic, but one quality they lack is subtlety. They often outright ASK for food instead of being intelligent and getting it themselves.
"Can I have a smoothie?"
"Don't be such a Minhal, get it yourself, you son of a biscuit."
by BurnedMarshmallows October 24, 2011
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an extremely amazing boy who is also kind of an ass sometimes. it is very difficult for girls to stop being into him, which makes other relationshps very difficult.
dammit, i need to break up with my boyfriend because i still fucking love minhal! (even though he already broke my heart)
by McFinnigan April 03, 2009
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