A girl you'll meet in elementary school, and promptly forget about for the next 5 years until high school, at which point she will show up and blow your mind with brains and looks. You, being an idiot, still have no interest, but will proceed to become her closest friend, at which point everybody who knows you, (and I mean everybody) will start to assume you're dating. It is then you will start to take an interest, and possibly manage to snag her before you regret it.
Elementary School-
Everyone + You: Hey, that's Minh Vu, shes cool. End of story.

5 years later:

High School -
Everyone: Damn!, that's Minh Vu?!

You: I don't get it, what's so special?

Minh - proceeds to reject everyone who tries to get close 'xcept for YOU.

You: I still don't get it. (you're a little bit slow/dense)

Everyone * 1000: Are you dating Minh Vu yet?

You * 1000: w h a t? no! why would I do that?

turns around and finally takes a good look at Minh.

You: Oh, I get it now... (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
by AnInnuendo August 24, 2019
5 or more year student at college
you are double majoring? what are trying to pull a Minh Vu?
by t-box April 26, 2003
Damn, That Minh Vu really knows math.
by AnInnuendo August 24, 2019
Vu Minh Hoang is a kind, sincere, compassionate person, they are often lucky in life. If you have their hearts you are really lucky.
by Knika November 22, 2021
Bro! Thats the best one right there
Don’t trust people from California saying about Minh Vu
by Minhvufromboston November 21, 2021