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The version of Minecraft that originally started on phones and tablets then was also available on consoles and Windows 10. It is also the most active platform of Minecraft and consists of more children than other platforms. It has become the primary version of Minecraft since it was decided Minecraft Java wasn't.
Minecraft Java Player: You said you play Minecraft right?
Minecraft Bedrock Player: Yes, why do you wanna play?
Minecraft Java Player: Sure. What version did you say you play on again?
Minecraft Bedrock Player: Minecraft Bedrock
Minecraft Java Player: *Leaves the Chat*
by EnderStarr22 April 04, 2020
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Minecraft PE demo with a save option and a worse UI.
"OooOh I GeT tO PlaY wItH mY fRiEnDS oN ConSoLE WiTh MiNecRaFt BedRoCk EdItIoN"

"Minecraft Bedrock Edition is just glorified pocket edition with microtransactions."
by ©®℗™℠ December 26, 2019
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formerly "pocket edition" this edition is available between console, mobile, and windows 10. It's also where the majority of Minecraft players play on. It's also named the Microsoft version of Minecraft. Unlike java, this version uses a Microsoft account rather than a mojang account

Not to be confused with Minecraft java, bedrock edition was basically what mojang want minecraft to be. this version is coded in c++ unlike java edition which is obviously coded in java, bedrock is designed to run on low end devices.

Many claim that this edition literally has a ton of bugs when reality, Minecraft java technically has more bugs than bedrock but since the java community loves the bugs, mojang decided that they will call the bugs as "features"

Comparing the UI, bedrock has a somewhat "windows 10" style theme and the logo simply just reads "Minecraft" a non pixelated logo and you are able to see your skin on the right.

The gameplay is similar to java although there are some minor differences from java,

- there is no combat system in bedrock however, combat tools (like the sword) do more damage

- there is no "Spectator mode" and "hardcore mode"
- the wither has more health in java and can do a "dash attack* however, it can't regenerate health

- skeletons do not move when attacking you

(Go to Minecraft wiki for more differences)
Guy 1: ey man, what edition of Minecraft do you play?
Guy 2: Minecraft bedrock edition

Guy 1: Oh coolz time to kill some kids
by Sebastian294 February 12, 2021
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Kyle: you wanna play minecraft
james: what version
Kyle: Minecraft bedrock
by Glitch Town November 17, 2020
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