When your dick is torn up and raw from a long, weekend sex marathon. Usually feels on fire for days.
The weekend with Rachel was Hot. She fucked me all weekend. But paying the price with this minced meat. Got a get some salve braaaahhhh.
by Eaton Holgoode December 8, 2017
Saying stupid stuff. Doing stupid things. Not thinking through what you are going to do.
David is such a mince meat, that he thought the Full House theme said "heat man tv" rather then "evening TV."

David is such a mince meat, he thought Lucas had been in Sweden the night before he played a soccer game in Oregon!
by Henry David September 27, 2006
person that is absolutly a piece of stinky shit and needs to go wash thier cooter!
you smell like minced monkey meat!
by scrobbs April 1, 2010
When a male is transferred to a woman durning surgery his Dick is mincemeat
by Wild Bill 53 December 30, 2020