“Min Suga. Genius. These words should be enough.” - Min Suga

He’s just a genius ok. Oh and he’s SWAG.
“Min Suga. Genius. These words should be enough.” - Min Suga
“Look that’s Min Suga! He’s a genius AND SWAG.”
by BTSARMYYYYY May 26, 2018
The biggest MOOD in my lifetime. He is one of the rappers in a very famous and successful k-pop group named bts. With other heart throb jeon jungkook and the BIGGEST BIAS WRECKER EVER. His stage name is Suga and has the nickname Motionless Min cause on his days off he does nothing. I'm 2016 he released his solo album with the name AGUST D. He is also super-super hot and is so relatable. But BACK OFF BITCH HE'S MINE. HE IS MY BOYFRIEND/FUTURE HUSBAND.
Army 1- Do you like bts?
Army 2- Of course
Army 1- OMG who's your bias?
Army2- Min Suga
Army 1- OMG he's so cute

"Min Suga. Genius. These words should be enough."
by Stan_BTS November 29, 2018
a phrase said by min yoongi of bts.

a phrase underly / overly used by army in a conversation.

translates to Yoongi genius man 뿡뿡 according to google translate
ARMY 1: Honestly, idk how yoongi can be this perfect sometimes
ARMY 2: I know how.
ARMY 1: ...
by I need wigs October 19, 2018
Suga is a lead rapper and a producer in the korean group BTS , he is also known as Agust D or Min Yoongi which is his real name.His personality is a mood , he is very serious and savage but sometimes he has the cutest moments. He is often called Lil Meow Meow by armys (fans) beacause he looks like a cute cat. He loves to sleep and said that he wants to be born as a swaggy rock in the next life so he doesn't have to do anything. He is also the creator of "infires" and "3 dollar chains" and his famous pick up line "You know BTS?" What can I say*Mic Drop*.He loves writing songs , he writes a song everyday .He is a very talented rapper and he should be appreciated more. 💜💜💜
RM: Inspires
Suga Min Yoongi: Inspires? Infires
SugaMin Yoongi: Infires man!
by Cristina48 May 12, 2019
A phrase Korean rap god Min Yoongi/Suga/agust D in popular South Korean boy band, BTS used in a free style rap.
Fangirl #1:omggg did you see min Suga genius jjangjjang man boongboong perform on stage yesterday?
Fangirl#2: Yes he was amazing!
by Bts fangirl #1 March 30, 2017