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When you take a swig of milk or any food or drink with lactose in it Andrea you get a massive sex drive
God damn I could really go for some puss... I just drank a 18oz glass of milk and I got a milk boner
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by Mr. Billie jean September 13, 2017
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When a male releases sperm all over his erect penis and lets it dry for several hours. His mistress then has to remove the crust via the tongue later on.
A- "Hey, what happened with you and Shelly the other night? Did you guys hook up?"

B- "Nah man, i just have her an old Milk-Boner, it always works."
by Zeeb Starn June 06, 2011
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The act of dipping a penis into warm milk and proceeding to get a boner. Black men normally to this to simulate white women who are very pale.
Wow bro, did you just get a milk boner?
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by black nibba 27 February 28, 2018
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