An ugly bitch with no features -- no breasts, no butt, UGLY. And she can't sing at all. She lipsyncs all of her concerts.
Man #1: Did you see Hannah Montana last night?
Man #2: I won't even look at that shitty show until Miley Cyrus "grows up".
by Big Dong Long Wong April 14, 2008
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A big, brown, lumpy piece of crap, see diahhrea. Having Miley Cyrus's can sometimes lead to a visit from the doctor. After a Miley Cyrus, flush at least 3 times then air freshen. Very bad poop, sometimes even with mold or fungus. Also can be partly green. If you mix a Miley Cyrus and pee together, it becomes a Britney Spears.

try to NEVER have Miley Cyrus's
Guy 1: Eww, last night I left a huge Miley Cyrus in the toilet!

Guy 2: What did you do?

Guy 1: Well, I flushed it 6 times, sprayed 4 cans of air freshener, then stepped outside for about half an hour while the odor cleared out.

Guy 2: Wow, I hope I don't have a Miley Cyrus!

Guy 1: I know, they're awful! The sound of the crapping makes your ears bleed! Never listen, or have, her again! Yuck!

Guy 2: I promise!
by I Hate Miley Cyrus January 05, 2009
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1. The worlds deadliest weapon, has been known to destroy worlds with just one verse from her music
2. The Daughter of country star Satin, um i mean Billy Ray Cyrus
3. Disney Drone, known for brain washing millions of children between the ages of 3-14 with her music
4. Also known as Hannah montana, Teenage "Pop" star and failure to the Human race.
Man 1 -" Hey have you seen the new Miley Cyrus concert!!! "
Man 2 - Why would I Miley cyrus sucks!"
Man 1 - "Yea but shes hot! "
Man 2 - " Are you Gay or something?"
Man 1 - "yes..."
by Fanofrealmusic April 03, 2009
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1) A wanna be rock star.
2) a pot head that hipnotized nick jonas.
3) a scam artist that makes bunch of money off poor, innocent young children.
4) pretends to be pure. (deep down she know she dirty)
Girl- "mommy i want to go see a hannah montana concert."
mom-"sure honey"
...... (mom logs on computer to get tickets.)
One ticket allllllll the way to the back. where you cant even see the stage. price cost $ 3,000
Show time.
Hannah Montanna barley performes, miley cyrus hogs up the whole space. singing songs inapproate for minors.

by nichole choden January 28, 2009
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Also known as Miley Whorus, Smiley Walrus, Miley Hoes-R-Us, and (sigh) Hannah Montana.

Most known (by teenage boys, and 50 year old couch potatoes living in their mothers' basements) for her oh-so-glamourous self-portrayal in only her underwear.
For someone who makes so much money, it sure seems like she can't afford pants. & some tops, for that matter.

So from all of us here in the real world, we'd like to congratulate Miley on her instant success as masturbation material, and encourage her to succeed as a human being.

props. :
Wtf is that chick wearing? Is that even legal? God, she's such a Miley Cyrus.

Booty shorts? Your girlfriend came to your grad in booty shorts? Honey, she's a Miley.

by fuckinngggskanks:] December 22, 2008
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Someone born from the Disney channel, Miley Cyrus sounds like a man with extremely drastic tone variation. Example, "i probably shouldn't SAYYY THIISSS, but at times i get so scared, when i think about the PREEEVIOUSSS"

Apart from that, she is an extremely dangerous weapon to all on this earth. Usually targeting 11, 12, 13 and sometimes 14 year old girls, she causes their hormone-filled bodies to worship and drool on her feet. When one messes with her fans, they should run away screaming.
Normal person #1: Wow, Miley Cyrus' singing is really bad!
Normal person #2: Shhh...keep your voice down!
Normal person #1: What are you talking about? The only person who can hear us is that cute little 11 year old.
11 year old fan: I'm sorry, but did i hear you say her singing is bad?
Normal girl #1: Yes, little girl.
*Normal person #2 runs away*
by Untouched December 29, 2008
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Miley Cyrus is a tool. I will now go on to make fun of some of her song names because I can do so.

Bottom of the Ocean - Where you should be at this current point in time.
Closet Full of Clothes - Yes, Miley. A closet is normally where clothes reside.
Creeper of my Heart - Wtf?
Don't Walk Away - Too bad.
I Don't Feel Beautiful - I wonder why.
I Want To Be Your Baby - No.
I'm Ready for Love - BITCH YOU'RE 12.
If We Were A Movie - No one would watch.
Old Blue Jeans - Wtf?
Rockstar - Like you know anything about being a fucking "rockstar".
The Bone Dance - Wtf?

Her song lyrics are beyond shitty.

One of Miley Cyrus' stupid songs:
There was this guy,
A little smaller,
He was great,
And I was taller.
He was the one I needed.
I asked him out,
But he said no,
Just wanna be friends,
But I'm sorry though.
So I begged and pleeded
So I was left heart broken.
And no more words were spoken.
The next day he didn't even speak.
I looked away I felt so week.
I didn't even get one kiss.
How the samheck can he do this.
But he thinks it's alright again.
So now still we are just friends.

Is this what the world of music is coming to? Seriously? Those have got to be some of the worst lyrics to any song ever. Whoever wrote that song (it was probably not her on account of I doubt she writes any of her songs because she's most likely too busy brainwashing kids and destroying braincells) should probably just stop writing songs now. Like, right now.
by LAAAAA. October 20, 2008
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