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Miia: a state of drunkeness brought about by the excessive consumption of cider resulting in a catatonic-like state most notable for a permanant smile and inability to speak.

A girl who has a bizarre sense of humour which only increases in bizarreness after consumption of apple cider. Has been known to invent noises when surprised and is a major fan of skinny jeans.
Girl1: How was your night last night?
Girl2: Good from what i remember. Had a couple of beers and had a fight with my boyfriend so i just decided to get totally Miiaed. Couldnt even tell you how i got home.
Girl1: Wow. Last time i got Miiaed i woke up with a dead parrot in my pocket!
by Andsoitshallbe February 10, 2010
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Missing in (in)action.
Tonks: Hey, where's Caleb been all weekend?
Andy: MIIA. Probably playing video games in his bedroom.
by so..glasses January 19, 2009
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