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Commonly known as "The Grove", the place where nothing is exciting and when there's actually something exciting, its usually bad. Home to many rednecks, lots of hicks, and plenty of hunters. Although against normal stereo-typical redneck hunters, the poplulation actually takes pride in their appearance, and generally have all their teeth. Also home to the Stewart's Shop that sells the largest amount of alcohol, run by the famous manager "Hope", you might find other local celebrities there such as Dukes, Kashiss, an Older or two, maybe even a Goodson, and of course PLENTY of hot coffee. Synonymous with hell, but seems to be a bit colder. Can be seen by Googling 12850
I'm heading out to Middle Grove, heard there was some deer and I'm going to find me one. Or maybe a bitch!
by Kashiss December 11, 2010
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