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When something isn't low-key or high-key, but incredibly average, so average in fact, that it deserves to be outed as being average.
Have you seen Ben's wardrobe? He's mid-key a furry.
by actuallysosoberrightnow May 04, 2019
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Lies between high and lowkey, midkey is used when you want to tell people something, but not too many people.
Hey, Midkey Tom is having a kickback on Wednesday, tell a couple of your friends to come.
by Chonco Burrito October 18, 2011
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When you are undecided but nick is willing to kidnap you with no ransom.
Just between you and me, I mid-key want in-and-out even though I had 13 hours to do so.
by Jesazian February 23, 2019
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