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When a person or group of persons talk in a whisper tone with a normal volume loud enough to be easily overheard. Sometimes, but not often used intentionally as a threat or intimidation tactic.
I ducked into the nearest store after I heard some people Mexican Whisper that they were going to steal the gringo's wallet and let their dog rape him.
by sheissenfreud February 23, 2007
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when, in the act of spooning a girl, she farts on your dick.
I awoke due to a warm breeze on my crotch only to realize that Shondra had given me a mexican whisper.
by van hellno February 12, 2011
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The hot fart that feels like it burnt your butthole that you experience after eating mexican or other spicy foods.
Guy #2: hey man are you ok?
Guy #1: GODDAMMIT I knew I shouldn't have eaten that second chipotle burrito, fucking mexican whisper burned my asshole!
by meloDEFINES May 05, 2015
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