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A shopping cart. Since Mexican women rarely have a stroller, almost never drive, and have a dozen or so children, they often use shopping carts to wheel their kids around in.
After they are done with their chores, be it going to the welfare office, courthouse, or the supermarket, they Mexican women will abandon the shopping cart on the sidewalk around the corner from their house.
Some of these shopping carts, when left near public bus stops are turned on their sides and sat on by black people as they are waiting for the bus. These are known as a Nigger Bench.
"Why do those beaners leave shopping carts all over the place?"
"They cart their kids around in them, like a Mexican Stroller."
by Frank Hotdog October 29, 2007
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A shopping cart, so called because many mexican people without cars take carts home instead of just carrying their stuff.
My car has a nasty scratch from where it was banged by a mexican stroller.
by Danny Fehlings October 28, 2007
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