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When a man cums on a girls face, lets it dry, then peels it off and feeds it to her.
"Yea i made my girl into a mexican pancake last night"
by Raynea December 17, 2008
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Mexican pancake is a sexual game where the man would ejaculate on a woman’s face then waits for it to dry them feeds it to her
Me and my girlfriend played Mexican pancake last night.
by Big man himself August 10, 2018
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Beans on a tortilla with salsa. Usually frito bean dip.
Dude im so poor i had tomake a mexican pancake!
by Anon February 02, 2005
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When you cum someone's face, let it dry, than they eat it
He makes the most delish mexican pancakes for me
by Limp noodle soup June 26, 2018
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