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When a car is packed to capacity or, much more often, packed far beyond the ideal passenger limit.
we were at the party and we were all hungry, so we decided to mexi-pack the van and head to taco bell
by D$im$ July 13, 2015
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When one loads up a car, for instance a 4-door sedan with 5 seats, so that there is a minimum of 8 people in the car. The more the Mexi-er.
"Eight of us mexi packed Jaden's Volvo."
by Calvin April 25, 2005
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A car that it packed with people like cars full of mexicans are. Jampacked
Damn.. this car is mexipacked!
by Angi November 20, 2004
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when you see a car that has reached its compacity of people and then some
damn, they shure Mexipacked that car
holy shit look at that mexipack
by antiGnome May 06, 2010
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