A girl with a great smile and a beautiful soul to match. She tends to be very cautious with people around her, not too quick to trust but she doesn't push people away either. Very gentle and empathic, but fiesty when betrayed.
I was feeling depressed but talking to Mevin made me feel better.

I'm so lucky to have Mevin in my life.
by Tmakz February 9, 2017
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A "Mevin" is that one guy who is black, retarded and gay. Once you become a Mevin, you may never turn back. Mevin's also love to use the word "K" a lot when messaging.
by pineapplepies September 12, 2019
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Mevin Mooper is a Party Pooper. Mevin’s are typically named Kevin and Shrevin. Mevin’s wear glasses and are allergic to parties. His sidekick is Kevin from the minions, and they are Twinsies. His real life twin is Mark.
Mevin Mooper is the biggest party pooper ever!
by baboonalikespie April 17, 2021
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Mevin is a word often used in place of the popular internet slang "chad"
You are such a "Mevin"
by MeLvinMeep March 24, 2022
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