Metta is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception.
As you meet friends, silently wish them these blessings:
Metta – may you be free from danger, happy, peaceful, strong, healthy, and have ease of being.
Karuna – may you be free from suffering.
Mudita – may your wisdom and goodness ever increase.
Upekha – although I have these wishes for you, you are the heir to your own karma. Your happiness depends on your own actions and not my wishes for you.
by Marc Arnold Olson February 16, 2008
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luv her she is my bestie and coolest gal out there :))))
someone: yo that your friend right there?!
me: she aint just a friend, she the metta
by urmommmmmmmmmmm July 1, 2021
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NBA Star Ron Artest filed to legally change his name to Metta World Peace; Metta means loving/kindness and world peace is irrelevant to define.
Metta World Peace with the three!
by Bulls Fanatic June 29, 2011
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Wanita yang paling menggemaskan yang pernah ku lihat, pokoknya lebih gemesshhh dari pada kucinggggg arghhhhh😵😖💘. Biasanya dia berisi dan memiliki muka yang bulat dan chubby🥰 serta rambutnya yang hitam lurus.
Pria 1 : Hei, siapa wanita menggemaskan itu??
Pria 2 : Ohh, dia itu Metta Kd!
by XxMythaloverxx April 14, 2022
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